vanuni - Pipeline - Falling down with Angelo

Muni ride at Mt Fromme, featuring Angelo Brignone

Alex, who just turned 12, did some great riding too, making it all look easy. Despite stripping the threads from his crank.
James & I were there in the rain too. We all had a really fun ride.

Comments always appreciated!

Another great video phthoruth :slight_smile: Nice one, enjoyed watching, thanks… The rocks and northshore sections must be so slippery in the wet, with bigger chances of bailing. Makes the riding seem very gnarly :slight_smile:

Thanks Johnny! I was beginning to wonder if anyone liked the video.
It rained the whole time and was pretty wet and slippery.
Alex once said ‘don’t spray me!’, as James was about to go down the rollercoaster. James was baffled thinking there was a skunk nearby. But it was just a big puddle.
I once pointed out that there was surprisingly little slime buildup and fairly good traction. More often I’m surprised that there is any traction at all.

nice video, always enjoy watching them

You’re from Prince George, eh. Should try to pop down to Vancouver for a ride sometime.

This Pipeline trail is one we’re thinking of riding for The 2010 Vancouver Muni Weekend, Sept 5.
Its a tossup between Pipeline and Ladies Only. Pipeline is slightly easier and has more structures.