VanUni: Osoyoos

Video from 3 rides: mt fromme, critical mass and lake osoyoos

Critical mass - Jon and Tynan do a still stand taught by AnSo.

Osoyoos was a camping trip for me.

The song, Metropolitan, comes from ‘the loft’ CD at MGM las vegas, which is 6000 sq ft and costs $8000 per night.

Loved it, specially the music.

Loved the music. Good riding too!

Re music
For a mear $8000 US, you could steal the CD too :slight_smile:
Wish I could tell you the band, or CD, but its just MGM/‘various artists’

My wife was there, and my initial reaction is ‘elevator music’. But this song Track 2, ‘Metropoltain’ [sic] sticks in your head and is methodical and technical.
Its also short and different from recent videos.

I thought the song went well with my beach scenes.

Re riding
the big drop was by Ryan Kremsater
He and Kris hurt themselves, so it must have been a great ride

Another good one! :smiley:

Ryan’s drop: “Good lord!” is right :astonished:

Too bad about Kris’ knee. What did Ryan hurt? His ankle? How bad is it?