vanuni - Open House Part 6

Vancouver Muni Open House Part 6: Pingu trail

I like at 4:11 when Kris does a drop and John Childs is just shaking his head in disbelief :slight_smile:

But at 2:44 is my favorite technical bit for the entire weekend. Its a skinny raised log (or is it a stick?) that we’ve tried to do so many times. If you stand on it, it sags by about 6". I ran out of space/batteries just after getting that, but Kris did it a few more times until he had it down pat.

As expected another awesome video!

I see the rain is back again :slight_smile: Great riding again, Kris is a machine !! Impressive stuff. Nicely put together, well done :smiley:

Great video!

Very Nice!!! I would like to ride there on some day

I cant see the video due copy right issues in germany. Can you upload it somewhere else (utv would be nice)?

Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Yes!

Interesting. Thats the first time thats been reported.

I’m not up to speed on how to post to utv. So here it is on Vimeo

If it doesn’t play smooth, you can sign in to Vimeo and download the original.

Well you know its all the same rainy weekend; it doesnt ALWAYS rain. But its was a crazy kind of fun, riiding in rain against all reason… I’m surprised my camera survived.

This “nicely put together” comment is interesting to me. People never said that of my videos til “Open House”. I’m guessing its the TV style episode style. My first influence here is Heros, which has this “previously” and “to be continued” style. I like it, because it lets me put out more footage, with higher quality, in less time. I hope it works for viewers as well. The alternative is that I make 1 good video. But it would take longer, have just highlites, and not incorporate your feedback.

THanks Shug! But aside from your enthusiastic approval, I appreciate any feedback on what you liked or hate the most.
I’m not sponsored… my only payment is that y’all enjoy my videos

Thanks Michael!
I’m pretty happy with it. It’ll be hard to do better for episode 7.
It has my single favorite thing, as a rider - The skinny stick that Kris hops onto.

…and you probably can’t tell, but I had some serious technical challenges, that forced me to delete half of the clips and most of the effects.
But aside from that, at first I questioned my rapid fire “previously on” but I think that and the closing sequence work well. And if not, I’ll refine it a bit on the next one.

What is cool to me is the “look” of the forest ya’ll ride in… those North Shore props!!! (I so want to do that!) … the group fun … the dog! … the terrific riding … having it filmed by a camaraman doing hand-held and following along. Great to see KH just out riding with others … makes me respect him even more.
Your films capture something special for me as a fellow MUni rider. Nothing that I do not like. Although some short interviews or sound bites would add “personality” too the movies.

Yet again another great vid! I like it how Kris rolling hops up to the skinny.

From a filming point of view, I think rolling always looks best.
And personally, I find it easier, because it sets your momentum in the right direction. Most people find side hops easier.
Kris did it both ways. Either way he got onto the skinny every time. Its the rolling it that is hard… its very bouncy and then has a turn. I guess if its easy either way, a static side hop takes less preamble. But I’m glad I caught the rolling hop before the batteries died.
Noone else in vanuni has fully succeeded in that one. Tynan and Ryan have got onto it, but not stayed on the full length. It was great to see it conquered.

vanuni is like a noun - a people, place or thing

A Place
I cant take credit for the north shore. I think honestly, anyone filming on north shore will make spectacular videos. But noone else is, so for now, I have a muniopoly.

Like minded people gravitating around things that need to be ridden.

The thing is what we do (skills), and but mostly, we choose just have fun with it.

Thanks for the feedback on making it personal. I’ll try to incorporate more of that. Its hard. Its not hard to refine my camera skills, my technical editing etc, but its definitely hard to break out of the easy technical shells and get be more personal with riders and viewers. I’ll try starting with more commentary, but I’m sure you’d like to hear from the riders.