vanuni - Open House Part 5

Vancouver Muni Open House Part 5: See more from Mt Seymour

At 1:20 Kris does a cute little flip of the cranks on a log.

This finishes off footage from my 2nd memory card. One more to go.
Hope you’re enjoying the series!

Sure I do! Your rides always look so enjoyable.

Yoho! yoho! A pirates life for me! Love that music :smiley:

Shame about the greyish lines at the start…

Totally rad video, just like the others :smiley:

Definatly, I really enjoy watching your vids. I noticed Kris has got a different wheel. Is it ussaully raining in Vancouver?

Yes, and they are riding in what is called a temperate rainforest.

They say if you can’t see the north shore, its raining. And if you can, its about to rain.

In episode 4, at 1:10 Kris notes “oh thats actually surprisingly grippy”
[ame=“”]YouTube - Open House Part 4[/ame]

Thanks Sam! I used to say I wouldnt bother visiting NZ cuz it looks the same as BC. But now I do want to get there some day.
I hadnt noticed the wheel, but we’re riding tomorrow and I’ll see if its interesting.

I love these videos! :sunglasses: Where is part 1?


amazing trails/northshores. lucky you.

Thanks! I love them.

ya, Pirates is a fun tune. Glad you enjoyed the vid

Grey lines. Doh! I was trying for an effect to show that its old footage from the previous episodes. It looked better in the previews.

So I’ve gone back and fixed it up. I also video stabilized the first clip, and added bonus clips at the end (3:30).
John Moriarty from Florida foolishly sent me some muni footage. I loved the excitement of the camera guy.

Gotta watch them all, eh :slight_smile: I like that about giving them numbers - you know which ones you’ve seen/missed. The first one is on Vimeo.

Thank you.:slight_smile:

Foolish foolish me :slight_smile:

I’ll make a mental note to keep mum on any state secrets I might happen to learn, for sure! (and thanks for the shout-out, hehe)

John M

Another great video in the series. Nice filming, and amazing riding in a very cool setting. Good one, enjoyed watching … thanks !! :slight_smile:

Not that I can tell, but I wouldnt be surprised if youre right. I think he mentioned its missing the inner liner.
The tire is standard Duro Leapard

You need a better camera, Mr Moriarty.
But I was disparate for footage to allow the pirates song to finish :slight_smile:

Amazing riding even! It helps to have Kris come out. Hey wait a sec… :slight_smile:

Here’s a photo of the group at the base of that log Kris pecked up

What tire do Kris Holm ride with?

Duro 3"x24
Whys everyone asking about his tires?

It’s not right now :slight_smile:

All the footage Franks been using for his “Open House” serries is all taken in 2 days which were the worst rain we’d had in 3 or 4 months… unforunate and somewhat unusual weather for the September long weekend when the ‘open house’ was held.

I dunno, ask them :smiley: :roll_eyes: hehe
I got 1 more question, which camcorder did u use for shooting this?

I thought the rain was crazy kinda fun, and appropriate. Its like
“Welcome to Vancouver Muni Open House. Heres some rain”

Here’s a stupid video - chocolate rain by chad vader

Canon SX200IS. Its a compact digital, with 720p H264, 12x optical stabilized zoom.

For the next episode I loaded up the last memory card and theres 11 minutes of footage left. (2 GB = 11 min) So I guess thats 2 more episodes.