vanuni - Open House Part 4

Vancouver Muni Open House Part 4: CBC continues

Don’t blink at 4:42 when Kris gaps from one skinny to another.

4:42 was sweet! Overall, I love this video!:smiley:

Cool! I like it how your videos are really well put together.

Another awesome video. Loved it… Keep them coming :smiley:

Well put together and the video managed to capture just how difficult some of those obstacles were, although they are probably a lot harder in person, but they still looked very difficult. Nice one !!!

Ya me too. I missed it, and I bet the other riders did too. I’m so intent on keeping up and getting a good film angle, that I often miss seeing whats going on til I watch the video myself. And it wasnt til 2nd or 3rd pass that I was like, whoa… wait a second. he just gapped there. Noone has done that before.

Personally, I’ve ridden those skinnies, but not the last down ramp, which is steep and round.

Thanks! By “put together” I’m guessing you like the video style I’ve taken up with this series. I’m liking the format too, because it saves time, experiment and refine quality. The style is influenced mostly by TV, which is to show some highlights, intro, aka filler, use 2 songs, some familiar titles/transitions, a reveal and cliff hanger. its like a formula for pumping out b grade unicycle tv.

feedback is always welcome.

In this episode, I tried to show it more like it really is… just lightly edited.
And as usual, its harder than it looks. But there is lots of easy/fun to ride parts too.

Episode5 is 1/2 done… so far I’m using “a pirates life” song… haha. The part of pirate dog is played by Brew.

The pecking up that log is sick, Kris is a madman.

all the riders, the trails, damp conditions, the way it was put together - really enjoyed that, watched it the whole way through a few times already. thanks!

Ya, its round which is technical, and really high up. Wasn’t sure if I’d keep that clip… pecking is usually not very interesting to watch, and was ultimately unsuccessful. So thanks for the comment.

Wow… thanks! I guess thats good. But that also means not so many people watched the video. Its just you watching it over and over :slight_smile: