vanuni - Open House Part 3

Vancouver Muni Open House Part 3: CBC

Sunday morning, warming up at Burnaby Skills Park and then CBC

Preston stayed long enough for a quick ride at Burnaby Skills Park. Then he had to head back to Seattle.
CBC ride had Andrew, Justin, Frank, Yves, Anne Sophie, Brew, Kris, Ryan, John Childs, & James
and behind the camera is Andrew’s dad and Lori who walked along with us.

Thank you so much for sharing the video.

Cool stuff… and I see there is more to come rubs hands … Can’t wait :slight_smile:

Whooooo Buddy! I always enjoy your movies!

your first post! Thanks!
Hopefully a few people will be inspired enough to come visit next year.

Yet another quality video from the house of vanuni.


Loved it, great vid

unmodified wet log in the sky :astonished:

+1 except it just makes me jealous lol.

I’m inspired! I’m probably going to buy a MUni soon, so I’ll try hard to be there!:smiley:

Also, this video was awesome!

Well he did break the branches off :slight_smile:

Very nice, a good complement to the first 2! That was such a fun ride.

Nice, those trails are very cool. I particullarly like the sections with the rocks, that must have been alot of work building that. What is the best time to visit Vancouver?

Edit time ran out. For some reason I didn’t see Kris riding the log the first time I watched the video, that and him riding that technical part at 2:17 are my favourite parts.

Note that the Open House trilogy is also available on Vimeo

Ya its a huge effort, and CBC that you see in this episode is the “showcase”.
I’d say May, June or Sept, because everyone is around and the weather is pretty good.
Last year we did a big ride in August at Squamish, and it was way too hot.
We hope to do “Open House” next year the same time… labour day long weekend… first weekend in Sept.
The other time to come is winter, but thats more for skiing. We ride year round and have had some really fun snow rides. I can think of 4 seriously snow rides: Deep Cove, UBC, Bob Sled and Seventh Secret.
Each was a bit insane.

2:17 is steeper than it looks. It looks like a meer 45 degrees of jagged stones of death. I’d also point out that 1:50 is near impossible. Anything that causes Kris to pause is a clue.

FYI, it looks like the third part is currently marked private on Vimeo.

doh! fixed. vimeo has been a bit lurchy lately, so sent out the youtube link, which works better for most people.
But if you’re quick, the vimeo lets you download the source, which is the best.
Hope you enjoy the video.

Beautiful stuff, phthoruth!

I’m still brand new, but I’ve gotta say this is my favorite muni video I’ve seen. After a hard practice session I’ll come inside, bandage my shins, and just watch you guys going for it in your VanMuni vids. I can’t -wait- until I can do things like that.

I managed 4 hops and rode off today, and made one idle. Someday…

Still, not terrible for one month in. I hope.

Anyway, thanks again!

Just watched Part 2 for the first time. Thanks for including that behind the scenes clip at the end with Kris setting up for a photo. I often think about how riding techniques translate visually and it was nice to see the interaction of rider and photographer in jointly creating the shot.

Thanks! Its good, but its not my favorite. Circus is my favorite… not just because its insanely dangerous… it was also super slippery which was funny. We still talk about that one.