vanuni - Open House Part 1

Vancouver Muni Open House Part 1: Mt Fromme

Trails - Seventh Secret, Leopard, Crinkcum Crankcum

Saturday we rode Mt Fromme. Preston came up from Seattle, and John Childs from Portland.
Originally we’d planned to do upper oilcan, but it poured rain, so we switched to Seventh Secret, which is more drops than skinnies… better when wet.
I fell off the edge of the trail, hurting my knee, but at least it was near the end of the day.
We had dinner at Lonsdale. It was a good day.

Nice! Those structures look slippery.

That was an awesome video. The weather was so beautiful (so BC:p)

I’m eagerly looking forward to part 2!:smiley:

Another very cool video Phthoruth, enjoyed that. This time I did recognise Kris straight away :wink:

Wish I could ride those trails with you … sigh … maybe one day … Anyone willing to sponsor some flight tickets to get to Canada ? … anyone … anyone … ? :smiley:

Sorry I missed that day, I haven’t done those trails in ages. I love the bath tub :slight_smile: … is that red uni the Steve Howard frame that Greg Harper use to ride?

haha … Ya, I thought the weather was appropriate for Vancouver. :slight_smile:

The second day I got alot more footage, since I wasn’t able to ride. It should be even better.

Really enjoyed your video. I wish I had trails like that!

That was a really awesome video!

I can’t wait until I eventually get a muni, even though my trails aren’t anywhere near as awesome as those.

The rain made a cool video too

Very nice video! I’m impressed by the fact you’re still using the camera in the downpour, but it sure makes for nice shots.

Its all photoshop :slight_smile:
Honestly it wasnt as slippery as usual. We thinks its cuz its end of summer and had been dry and sunny right up to the day before we rode. :slight_smile:
I did like the scene at 0:53 with Preston slipping on a log and unicycles piling up. And in first scene, it sounds like were riding in a stream.
But yes, slippery is a hazard. I think if we applied lard to the logs, that we’d get better traction. The most slippery muni rides we’ve had were ‘Circus’, which was slim, and BobSled, which was snow. But the last time we were at Secret was in the snow…

Ryan’s mom, Laurie, was very impressed that it survived the rain, and wants to buy one. I do like Canon, but I go thru several per year… 3rd so far this year. Its an SX200IS. I killed one by rain… all the buttons stopped working, the screen lost pixels and then died. Even with optical view finder, digital cameras are not useful without the screen.
I like Canon mainly for its optical stabilization, which is key for muni. The 200IS is 720p, 12x zoom, 12 mpixel photos, and a big lens that pulls in the light. For muni especially, I need a robust compact camera that I can ride with. Maybe if I didnt ride, or just filmed trials/street, I’d go for SLR or professional video camera… you wouldnt know it from my videos, but I ride too :slight_smile:

What was that amazing looking red uni with the trellis fork blades?

Great video! Thanks for sharing. Cannot -wait- until I can do that.

Its Steve Howard frame, and maybe the hub too. Very light. It used to be Greg Harper’s, but he passed it on to Preston.
Here’s a close up picture:

What a beautiful frame! Were they ever produced, or was it a 1-off? Are they available for sale anywhere?