Vanuni north shore muni

I finally got around to editing the video I took on last weekend’s Mt. Fromme ride.

It was the biggest ride that I’ve been on, we managed to get 11 people out!

The weather held up, but due to rain on days previous everything was wet and the wood was nice and slippery, making it hard to find confidence. The fog in the trees makes for a cool backdrop though.

Definitely a great time!

Great fun. The guy in the yellow shirt was tearing it up!

Nice guys! Fog around the tress does look pretty mean!

Awesome video! Those looked like some pretty intense trails!

That one line with the teeter over the pond? I’ve totally fallen in that pond. Good times.

I think they added a couple more dams, the water in the pond is a bit higher now.

Also the rider in the yellow shirt that was tearing it up is Ryan Kremsater, he just put out a new video, definitely worth checking out:

  1. vid: WOW! fast and steep riding, real cool to watch! and he’s riding without a brake…must get some sore legs…

What an awesome place to ride. Really good video!

First vid is ladies only. They did add some water to the pink flamingo part.
2nd vid is 7up on sunshine coast.

I like the bit at 1:05 where ryan is riding like a gerbil
at 2:12 there is a large finger on the lens
falls at the end are fun as usual.

Thanks for posting!