VanUni: Muni on Ladies Only, Mt Fromme, Aug 2009

Awesome! It’s nice to see a new video with Kris Holm!:smiley: He has a border collie. I knew he was a genius.

Why are you called phthoruth?

We’re doing a Vancouver Muni Open House this weekend, if you’d like to join us:

This ride was a followup to Kris’s “Day at the Races” at Burnaby Village Museum.
Why did you put a comment white on white? His dog brew certainly enjoys coming for the rides.

phthoruth is hard to spell or pronounce, and thus more memorable. phth for short sounds like the noise you make to scare away cats.

Think you can make it for a ride this weekend, SirSkills?

Nice video, its nice to see more of Kris Holm riding.

Excellent video !!! Again you captured, for me anyway, the true spirit of MUni. Well Done !!! Enjoyed watching that … any more… ? :smiley:

Its even more of a treat to ride with him. (hint hint - people should come this weekend!)
At 3:17 I left the music off in the new section so you could hear Kris’s enthusiasm as we did a newly built section.

It’s not looking good for me to be able to make it…:frowning:
I can’t drive by myself yet, and I don’t really want to take a greyhound…

I’m on your mailing list, so I always check for rides when I’m in Vancouver! And I plan to go to UBC, so in two years, you’ll have a new member:D

nice movie. liked the music!
really enjoyed it

Nice riding!

I’d really like to but it would be very expensive to travel from NZ to Vancouver. I want to do a trip to Canada sometime. That section when Kris rode down the root was cool!

Very nice. Wish I could ride half as well as Kris - such a smooth and effortless style :o


I love your support Johnny! But so far you’ve only said that with my vids that had Kris in them. So I have to take that as…
“Kris is the true spitit of unicycling”
which I couldnt agree more. In my videos I just try to capture the people and the place.

Music is the hardest part; I struggle to find a song that remotely works with the footage.
In my first draft I went with something hardcore, and would have editted the video down to 2 minutes to match its tempo.
But I thought this footage deserved a methodical song

I think that most, if not all, of the MUni videos you post follow a similar theme in that you show a group of people riding and attempting various difficult pieces. Everyone seems to be watching and encouraging. I find on the MUni rides that I do when with a group follow the same theme. Everyone is very encouraging no matter the skill level, and that for me is the MUni spirit :smiley:

Had to look really closely on this video to see that it was Kris, but don’t tell him I said that :slight_smile:

There was one part I regret editing out. Theres a long skinny twisty log at 2:14
Leading up to that was about 30 seconds where Kris rode about 20 feet super slow, just approaching the log, figuring out how he’d do it. You can’t tell from the footage, but its a steep and technical root that noone else even attempted.

There are 2 root… I assume you mean the one at 2:33 which is several roots and it took 3 attempts.
As usual, thats harder than it looks. Showing the 2 failed attempts gives you an appreciation for the difficulty. Someone suggested I should edit out the fails, but I like to show that its a difficult obstacle, a tenacious rider, and that it was overcome.
I also did that root, but on a 20" and with hoping over/around the roots. 20" was perfect for such natural trials.

Having moved to Seattle I now appreciate how special Vancouver north shore is. You would think anywhere with ski mountains could have trails like this. But they dont.

I meant the first ride over the root, the other tech bit is great too

The root at 2:12 is alot steeper than it looks! And Kris makes it look easy too.

In my next video, theres an even cooler one… its about 3" wide, 8’ long, 14" up and took a rolling hop to get onto.
Roots are fun. They’re technical, but not overly dangerous. I’m only good enough to hop them, but you still have to be precise.
Rolling them like Kris does, is like doing railings, except theyre bumpy, steep and slippery railings. That takes a lot of control.