VanUni: Macaroni and Gravy

Footage from Danni’s visit, Tynan’s trip to Paris, and our rides at Salvation, Fromme, Sunset Beach & Science World


Vancouver looks like such a good place to live and unicycle in, seems to have some awesome spots and great skateparks.

It’s too bad no one jumped that 10 set. Still a nice video though

Yes! I’ve been wondering when your next video was coming. I like it!!!

Great video phthoruth, I never new you had so much footage of me;). I’ll have to come this summer some time.

lol a stalker

Its great, and still getting better…
They opened the olympic village area, which has lots of stone work.
And a mtn bike ‘skills park’ on Burnaby Mtn.


Awsome :smiley:

I’ve been waiting for this one for quite a while. Why the long break?

I’m going to guess:

  1. Franks camera broke.
  2. The rides haven’t been as ‘interesting’ in the last little while.
  3. Danni was only here for one weekend so he didn’t get enough awesome footage.

Hopefully someone can get footage of the New Zealand guys when they’re here that might provide something fresh.

Is that a hint James!? I’ll see what I can do ;). Man I can’t wait to try some of those new stunts on Pipeline that were in the video!! Once they are finished of course …


The camera died a noble death… it fell on the concrete as I did a drop.
I’ve just got a new camera… so if Danni, Tony and others come visit, I’ll be ready. Much of the footage in ‘macaroni’ was filmed by Tynan… all the Paris and Danni content. And the muni footage of ‘Pipeline’ by James.

At 1:48 in the video you see a tall concrete block. Danni pedal grabbed that.

I like the shot at 1:32 - reflections in the window of Tynan doing a unispin.

That’s it where’s my passport and visa i’m moving out of England, what with all these great looking street spots and places like Whistler for biking it just looks an awesome place to be living. :smiley: