VanUni: Impacilla Carpsung

Starring Dori, from Budapest!

3 months in the making! Phew. This was mainly 2 muni rides in November rides, and James & I doing Sunset beach trials in Feb.
In the picture below, Dori had borrowed Kris’s 24. Towards the end of the ride, she was getting really confident and attacking some technical stuff, when she twisted her ankle.
I also show 3 of my injuries, starting with how to sprain your neck.
And AnSo, smacked her face on a root.
Colin (aka ColDawg), was proud of the trail he helped work on.
James does a neat jump down stairs onto a skinny.
If this video proves anything, I think it’s boys are more crazy, yet girls doing muni are intrinsically fun to watch.

Screen Captures-2.jpg

Cool video. You guys have such cool places to ride… I’m quite jealous :slight_smile:

Very funny bouncing on the bed :smiley:

That was a cool video! Keep it up!

Man … Girl … I like that stuff! Looks rough and fun.

Another good one :sunglasses:

Ya, we had more than our share of ouches this winter. Almost everyone is recovering from a serious injury.
In the next video you’ll see a new rider, Debra… but now she’s had a ski accident, so you won’t see her for abit.

My brother just broke his shoulder blade at a bike park. Normally I’d say he should take up a safer sport, like extreme unicycling :slight_smile: … at least they caught him on film.

Khoool video! Seems like there is an over abundance of Vancover riders.

Awww…that sucks. At least he didn’t hurt much else.