VanUni: Forrest Day

Mostly muni from Aug-Nov. Highlites
-Tynan’s last ride with us. He’s moved to Australia
-Dori’s first ride with us. She comes from Hungary
-AnSo gets a huge bruise

Hope you enjoy. Feedback always welcome.


That was really good, I like watching videos from you guys.

Which is Tynan ?

Could you like tell me a clip that was him…

The 180 unispin on the 29" was cool. I can do 180 unispins on my coker :wink:


Funny, all of my favorite parts I was going to post about were replayed at the end! Awesome video.

Another nice vid, thanks Frank! I really enjoyed it.
I can’t wait to have fun on those trails with you guys.
See ya soon I hope.

Tynan is at 1m40s, on his KH36. He took a high speed spill on it, hurting his leg, so he’s been taking it easy.
12 riders came out for his fairwell ride. 13 if you count Brew.

The 29" unispin was James. I’d think 36 inch is impossible?! Wouldn’t it be more of a body spin?

Here’s James doing a wheel hop on the 29


Just love the terrain you guys have to ride. Quite jealous actually :slight_smile: Nice video btw…

The northshore trails you have look brilliant! Im really jealous!

Thats a new section in Pipeline, which is alot of fun.
Its starts with a skinny ramp, which takes a few attempts…then an easy wide section of winding bridge.
The scariest part is a steep drop, which is quite slippery. The bridge is wide, but high enough up you’d rather not fall.
Then some minor rollercoaster action, and a big teeter totter. Its long and skinny to start, then a bump in the middle onto the other end, which is wide.
I had to be careful when following people with the camera, not to step onto the teeter totter.
Then a hairpin turn of about 240 degrees, and onto a long log.
Finally a right turn, a steep ramp, with a drop for an exit.
Its an aweful lot of fun… we did it over and over!



Another awesome vid!

At FLUCK, on a 36" someone did a 360.

really cool vid:D

That was really enjoyable… Gaaaahhhh, that looks looks too fun!!!

great video Frank! I can’t wait to come back up there again and ride with you and the gang next year. Next time i come up, i’d like to shoot some hd footage and create a short film about mountain unicycling, to capture the true essence of the sport. I really think there needs to be a film about technical mountain unicycling, and Canada is the place to do it.

Nice to hear from you Dennis. Hope the foot doesn’t require the steal plate anymore.
Thats a great idea! We see great bicycle videos from the north shore, and it would be good to capture it for unicycling. I’d suggest a bit of voice over, or interviews, some history.
I’d thought a book would be good, along the lines of ‘a history of mountain unicycling’, since we have the benefit of some veterans in this area.