vanuni - Drop In

Muni on Mt Fromme

Featuring Alex, who is 11 and got muni unicycle for Christmas.

Another great video phthoruth. Enjoyed watching that. Well done Alex !! Smooth riding, nice.


Awsome vid! Great editing, I like the music and the filming.

Thanks! The secret to making great videos, is to include Kris Holm’s dog.

Alex just blows me away… thats his first real muni ride.
His mom, who had to take off early to practice skating for olympic ceremonies, was nice enough to film me in one clip.

Re music
I like using a short song for an intro or credits. And then put people talking between the songs.
It forces me to think about the overall structure of the video and where to put the longer clips. The first song (merchant of death) had some quiet moments, which works well. If the whole song/video is the same pace, its tiring to watch.

Re filming
If I could only film 3 things, it would be skinnies, drops and people falling down. My kids tell me the falling down parts are the best.
But I’m trying to get more people talking, dogs and other outtakes to add some colour.

ps Its a new camera - Lumix ZS3 this time.

Awesome video, I enjoyed it a lot.

Yes, I too think that’s really important. I remember a thread some time ago where something was postet about filming techniques and one very important part was to show people and their personalities. You are really lucky to have so many people you can ride with (but as Terry’s vids show you don’t necessarily need other unicyclers to bring the personal facet into a video)

I also like how you reflect about what and how you are filming and about putting things together. This helps other video makers like me a lot. Keep it up :sunglasses:

Nice video as always! Great riding by Alex!

Fun to watch …
I’d like to see someone filming you filming those MUnists.
What a terrific place ya’ll have to ride.

Haha… True, I’m sometimes doing stunts just to film these things.
…running on logs, jumping off drops, putting myself in the path of danger.
Theres a bit of me filming in “univer City”, but no major filming stunts

I know I like to film photographers :slight_smile:
Once it was Japanese tourists taking pictures of Ryan… it was like watching a fashion show.
Most recently it was “Ladies Only”, with a guy that really got into taking pictures of Kris

Ladies Only on Vimeo - Chromium 1292010 93005 AM.jpg

You’re thinking of ‘Making Of’ series I think?
Ya, everyone in the group has funny things they do or say, and stories to tell. James, AnSo and Kris that I get to ride with fairly often, all have a ton of knowledge of the sport and people. Thats something I’ve only been able to touch on.
On this ride, James told me Kris suggests still stands instead of hopping, to conserve energy.