VanUni: Cunning Stunts

Cunning Stunts muni trail, Sunshine Coast

Riding - Ryan, James, Tynan, Jon
Music - “Gimme”, Britney Spears
Filmed by Laura, Jon & James
Editted by Frank

Sunshine coast takes a ferry to get to. Its our first official ride there. Thanks to Ryan/Laura for organizing 2 days of fantastic muni riding.


man that looks like a super fun ride

Spokane isn’t too far away, you should come up for a ride sometime…

are those kinds of places all over the country, I’ve never heard of a place like this, where they have this, but kris holm, and some other people do vidoes on them.

The are located all over. Here in Spokane, we have a few places with stuff like that built in between rocks so its ladder to rock, to ladder, to rock, drop to trail. Fun stuff.

Just go to your LBS and ask them, or look online at local mountain bike trails.

Heh Heh, Britney Spears.

You guys are all looking really good. I have to find a place like that to ride.

I wish I had a Muni and had a nice trail to ride on…Looked like alot of fun!

He has a higher resolution in the gallery

I’ve also posted the cleaner version to google
I’d repost the youtube, but it would break the link. You can’t expect great quality on youtube anyway.

Although I’ve got her last CD, I wouldnt normally use her songs in a unicycle video… too pop. But being horribly unpopular right now, she needs our help. :slight_smile: (leave britney alone)
Plus its a catchy song, and the lyrics make sense… you guys always want more muni vids