VanUni: Bounce (trials)

Trials at UBC (University of BC)

We started with one foot riding down a curb. Tynan got it. Jon is in the video and came really close
Then we did a short wall (15"), where James hopped backward off it.
Most of our time was at a wall with benches. The wall is 25 inches.
Final scene is park benches, where Tynan rides the top of a bench. Nice!

The song is “Bounce with Me” by Kreesha Turner from Edmonton

Extra footage courtesy of Tynan – standing wheel walking, office unicyling, and AnSo caught on a bike.


Do I see a KH 04 frame on someones ride? :roll_eyes:
They are very rare and cool.
Funny movie :smiley:

Peter M

That was really good! Better Quality than usual. And good 25" sidehop! You dont get snow in BC? LUCKY!


looks like fun.

good to see adults riding trials too.

oh we get snow in bc, just not in vancouver, it rains…a lot…:frowning: lol

nice vid guys, your sidehops are getting really good jon.

nice…looked like fun times.

i like the 1 foot backwards…not real long…but better than mine:p :o

James’ frame is 2004, me thinks.

Thanks Isaac! I had to work a bit at editing this. One problem was that the footage was all of wall hoping. Thanks to Tynan for sending a bit of other footage. The other was tracking down the song.
Snow stays on the mountains, where it should be. :slight_smile:

Tynan’s gliding shoes



It seems like Tynan is a bit smoother and less hesitant than I’ve noticed of him in the past.

Time for him to start learning to use the other foot for a break:p

a little repetitive, but good

awesome video really enjoyed watching it, Looked like a heap of fun i wish I had people to ride with!!! Loved the song to, must Download that, very good choice.