VanUni: BobSled

Snow Muni at Mt Fromme, Bob Sled.
Beach at San Diego, Solana

(Youtube seems to clip the last 30 seconds. Erg.)


That looks such good fun! I wish we had snow here so we could fall over and not hurt ourselves :frowning:

Nice vid! I miss snow.

And Edd, Bmx, Dude… I really don’t think that that sort of snow would make it any easier for you at all. It’s too thin to cushion your fall, but it makes trails slipperly and treacherous because you can’t always see what’s under it.

Still, snow is kewl!

ya, it was way more fun than we expected! It was a fresh snow from the day before.
snow hides some obsticles and seems less intimidating to fall on.
you can’t stop or turn much… which is why Ryan is going pretty fast in alot of those clips.

That wall in the picture is 27"
In the one below, we thought it funny the fire danger is “high”

Ryan’s wearing a jersey that they misspelled his name on… Kremsation


:D, like always

How did you get your uni’s to stay up like that? Tighten down the bearing clamps a lot?

Andrew Carter did that a few times in his vids. One time he came running from off screen, jumped 10+ ft. over some obstacles, landed and road away (after over 70 attempts :astonished: )

Me thinks someone at the Forest Service or whatever is a bit lazy:p

Put a snowball at the fork :slight_smile:

Here’s a youtube version

Quality seems better than google these days

Below, the Kremsation doing about a 5-6 ft drop