VanUni: 14

14 rides in Vancouver and Seattle, Summer of 2009

“Making of” thread showed progress along the way, and thoughts about making videos.

Theres also a “Making of 14”, which is the same video with commentary:

That was great … like always.

What kind of camcorder do you have, Frank?


Canon SX200 IS

It does 720p at 30 fps using H264 encoding in Quicktime format.
Its small enough I always have it with me.
12x optical zoom with image stabilization.
I definitely recommend it for people wanting a compact, HD camera.

Cool video. I wish I had all theose places to ride! I do suppose that Panama City has its advantegs though…

Great video… again. Liked the contrasts between all the pieces. Also enjoyed watching the Making of… It was a great insight into how you do things :slight_smile: Agree with Michaelgoround, you have have some really great places to go riding. I’m quite jealous :slight_smile:

Thanks. Theres a tourism aspect our videos… I’d certainly be interested in seeing what is unique about Panama. So go ride it and make a video :slight_smile:

You’re just saying that cuz its got Kris in it… again :slight_smile:

We did have an “open house” last weekend. We plan to it annually, so go ahead and put that in your calendar now: muni - labour day, 2010.

Terrific work … I really liked your commentary.
Loved seeing Irene. She is awesome and kind.
thanks … I hope to get out your way and ride and fall and ride.
The Pipeline is calling me… "come Shug, come…

hahahahaha :slight_smile: I didn’t actually notice that it was Kris at first. Only saw it second time around … again… don’t tell him I said that :smiley: