Vans/Cult 20" Tyre

I searched and did not see any threads regarding this 20" tyre. I picked it up on sort of an impulse for my all around 20" I mostly use at the gym and for fun. I just mounted it and rode a few feet in my wife’s studio. It’s raining rather aggressively right now so tomorrow evening I will take it out. So far putting about 10 or 15 feet of riding on this I like it. The rolling resistance is good and the tyre is pretty sticky on polished hardwood.

Specs: Inflated Width: 2.48" (63mm)
Inflated Diameter: 20.86" (530mm)
Max Pressure: 110 psi (I so far have only pumped it to 50 PSI)
Weight: 24.6 oz

It’s mounted on a QU-AX: BX-32 rim.


Looks like a great freestyle tire. (Or would it be too sticky to turn spins and pirouettes?) And also for hockey it could be nice. A little bit of extra volume in comparison to the 2.1" tires mostly used. But i guess, you’ll need a black rim to not look silly with it.

I think its probably too sticky? Its been a long long time since I have attempted a pirouette with any success. I am in the gym tomorrow eve and will give an update then on how it worked out. I think basketball/hockey this will make a good tyre.

It looks sweet! I haven’t seen any Vans/Cult tires before… hopefully they don’t wear out as fast as their shoes do! I love the waffle tread, but always wear through it super quickly. Do you have a lot of clearance for a 20x2.4? I was thinking about building up another 20" wheelset just for the tire options, but was wary to since I prefer the wider tires and not sure they’d fit.

I will have to take a photo. There is enough there for me but the frame I have it mounted to is wide’ish (Bedford) that could accommodate a trials tire. Its not worn out yet but I have mostly rid it in the gym.