Vancouverite breaks world record for juggling on a unicycle

“Vancouverite breaks world record for juggling on a unicycle”

Congratulations to Vincenzo Vipond. While this is an impressive achievement, hasn’t someone juggled while unicycling for more than 6.5 km? I’ve done this distance a few times while just practicing. It’s difficult to find world records for this combined skill. Thoughts?

Since your ‘title’ says joggler, you obviously know about joggling (running and juggling). A friend of mine, Zach Warren, has been on and off world champion (competing specifically with one other guy) on the joggling marathon. Goes to say that there is such a thing. To my knowledge, such a combination does not “officially” exist for jugging and unicycling, although there are quite a few people who can do both. At Unicons there have been fun competitions for 100 m juggling while riding but that was for speed, not for distance.

If there is no recognised world record for something, then it is often relatively easy to set one.
Or, for that matter, to break it. Go for it!

For when the link disappears or dead ends:

A Vancouver man has broken the Guinness world record for the furthest distance travelled while juggling three objects on a unicycle.

Vincenzo Vipond cycled 6.55 kilometres while juggling at Vancouver Technical Secondary School on Saturday afternoon, breaking the previous record of 6.4 kilometres.

Vipond broke the record as part of an effort to raise awareness for the Branch Out Neurological Foundation, which raises money to research complementary and alternative treatment for neurological disorders.

“It’s a cause that has been growing in my awareness for some time and when I figured out I had a skill that I could contribute I put on a fundraiser,” Vipond said.

Vipond performed the feat in front of Guinness Book of World Record witnesses and cameras. The result is still unofficial.

The unicyclist said the cause is one he became interested in after several friends and family members became afflicted with neurological disorders ranging from late-onset epilepsy to multiple sclerosis.
Unicycles down mountains

“Our brain is definitely our most valuable asset,” he said.

Vipond has been riding a unicyle for the past 2.5 years, including downhill mountain unicycling and unicycle hockey — a sport he said is equally challenging and fun.

“If you’re riding a unicycle you’re obviously not taking yourself too seriously already,” he said.

He only began training to juggle at the same time in the past year. Vipond said he was aiming for 10 kilometres, which he never managed to achieve in training.

He has yet to achieve that goal in front of official witnesses and cameras.

Crystal Phillips is the executive director of the Branch Out Neurological Foundation.

Phillips said she started the foundation seven years ago after she was diagnosed with MS at the height of her speed skating career.

Since then, she said, the organization has raised $2 million towards 60 research projects across Canada.

Billy the Mountain juggles clubs on a 36. I don’t know what distance he rides, but my guess is that he broke this “record” long before it was set.

You’re right, I’m well aware of the Warren-Kapral rivalry, and believe it is Kapral who currently holds the record for fastest marathon joggler at 2:50. My personal best for the marathon is 3:40, not even close. I may attempt to break the distance record for joggling which is currently 50 miles and held by Perry Romanowski, and may also break the juggling while unicycling record which should be much easier some time next year.

Thanks for explaining, it all makes sense now. Looks like Vipond didn’t break a record, he just set it.

Yes, congratulations to Vincenzo! It’s great publicity for his cause, and hope he raised a ton of money for it. That’s what can make such feats quite worthwhile, and anything but pointless. :slight_smile:

Guinness records can be curious things. To be recognized by Guinness, you must be recognized by Guinness. For best results, inquire about doing a record first, to see what they have on file as a precedent. Their books only include a fraction of the records they have on file. I didn’t know about an existing Juggling-While-Riding record, but the nice thing is that they acknowledge it and will track it as a record. There is now lots more opportunity for fundraising just on that record! So no reason to smash the record, just move it along, bit by bit…

Over the years, Guinness have chosen to include various different unicycling records in their book (which I think varies from country to country). Sometimes they include a lot, and sometimes only a few. I was fortunate to be mentioned in the 1989-1992 American editions for my 100 meter record. That was set in 1987 in Japan at Unicon III, and broke an existing record that was set in Japan in 1980, for a TV special where they did several unicycle world records.

Exceeded, but probably not broken, in terms of making it official. Which can be a pain. In recent years, Guinness has looked to the IUF to keep track of world records, but only if they set standards and criteria that were clear and easy to reproduce. We did create a committee for that and spent a lot of time discussing what those criteria should be. In many ways they are things that make doing the records less fun, because it makes them easier to measure accurately. Like riding around an existing Athletics track for distance records. It’s slower than riding in a straight line (such as for the Hour record), but it’s very easy to prove it was accurate with some video and affidavits from witnesses. Lots of rules about witnessing also.

So if you do go out to break that (or any other) unicycle record, it would be a good idea to contact Vincenzo, or the Vancouver unicycling community (they probably helped) to find out the details of how they made it legit for Guinness.