Vancouver Unicyclist?

I’m looking for the guy that started my interest in unicycling.

I saw him at science world in summer of '07
He hopped onto a planter, rode around it, then dropped it.
He was talking to a unicyclist on a Commuter unicycle.

This is all I remember noticing, after that I started looking at unicycles on the internet and after about a month, I bought My torker LX

If this is you or you know this person please post

Thank you,

A reasonably likely candidate in Vancouver BC would be Kris Holm.

What about

The other vancouver unicyclists I have found are:


It could be someone in this list or someone who is not even on these forums.

yooooooooo, im jkohse ( justin kohse), not sure if it was me, but if it was. Welcome my friend:D gimmey a shout if you want to attend the street ride/comp this weekend :sunglasses:

Hey Sam,

There’s a good chance it was someone waiting for a VanUni ride to start. We ride most weekends and organize our rides via a mailing list. You can find information on joining the mailing list at

Hopefully you can make it out for a ride sometime and maybe you’ll recognize the guy :slight_smile:


  • James

Hmmm unicyclist on a Commuter unicycle makes me think that was Yggy, and I’m usually early for rides and really love that one line at Science World. But again, as James said, could have been any one of us.


My guess would be James H, who hops on those planters alot
We’re riding all weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun), if you have time now.

See for links to sign up for the maillist.