vancouver unicyclist video

well I know the vancouver guys along with me dont usually post videos of group rides on,but i thought I would post the latest one of some of the trials riders riding and just having some fun.:smiley: hope you guys enjoy

the riders are:

Ryan kremsater…kid with blue uni
Frank barchard…guy with green jacket
james hargrave…guy with black uni and brown helmet
Brock fisher…guy with black helmet red uni

Nice video ! I liked the line at the end with the water thing… that was clean

good vid. I liked the water thing at the end to.

yeah I spent along time on that line at the end. it is one of my favourite lines

does anyone else have comments? I love hearing feedback

Nice intro, Brock
The quicktime takes forever to download… not compressed much?
Good music
You didn’t film enough to catch our best tricks.
You’ll need a new title for your next one, unless you plan a mini series of rainy rides in vancouver :slight_smile:

i liked the last line, i have some spots like that downtown where i live, but nothing like that, maybe im not looking hard enough lol, keep up the good riding, maybe some more street stuff, or really technical riding =p keep up the good riding:D