Vancouver Unicycle Club day in the park.

What a great day the Vancouver Unicycle Club had showing off at the first annual Stanley Park Bike Festival. The club members sported brand new, first time ever, Vancouver Unicycle Club tee’s thanks to the screening skills of Mike Rocks. Kris Holm joined us … riding into the park mounted on his Coker, with his trials uni strapped to his pack and another 20 inch for wanna-be riders to try, over his shoulder… what a guy, eh!? Gotta love ya, Kris; thanks for coming out!

Well not to be outdone, Andrea and I rode down there on our 29’er and MUni respectively, each with a trials uni over our shoulder. No more, ‘where’s your other wheel’ comments for us.:smiley:

We had a awesome morning, just riding around, giving the onewheels some exposure and helping many wanna-be riders.

Great event, fun was had by all.