Vancouver Uni Club: A Good Day was had by All

The Vancouver Uni Club was treated to a most excellent uni day today.

It started out with Christmas in February thanks to the wonderful gifts to be had and purchased at Mr. Holm’s uni yard sale. The event looked to be the largest gathering of Vancouver unicyclists in one indoor space. Everyone left with a bundle of booty that would make any one-wheeler drool.
There were uni’s, MUni’s, tires, tubes, rims, wheelsets, cranks,pedals, seat posts, jersys, water bottles, seats, free posters and more.

The party didn’t end at the yard sale. Mounting our one wheeled steeds seven of the club members hit the nearby trails for a wonderful cross country ride. We were treated to a chance to try out the new KH Freeride and KHXC 29’er. And what a treat those uni’s were - a warning to the weak of heart…don’t try 'em if you don’t want to be tempted to buy 'em!

A great day, with generous gifts and deals from Kris - thanks! And a fabulous group ride thanks to James x 2, Dale, Nigel, Kris, Andrea and Brew.

Attached below are a few pix from the yard sale and ride.


and Nigel and James modelling their new KH jersys…

james and nigel.jpg

…cutting through a parking lot offered some curb riding practice…

riding a curb road.jpg