Vancouver riding after NUC

Kris Holm wrote:

> Vancouver is about 2.5 hours drive north of Seattle The NSX video was filmed
> in Vancouver, not on Vancouver Island, and all the cool technical trails are
> just North of Vancouver. Vancouver

For some thing I though it was the island, probably because they said “North
shore” and I have no idea what the area looks like…

> my parents have a cabin at Whistler. It may be rented out, but there is a
> decent chance we could stay there. It’s a bit of a drive from the North Shore
> trails (2 hours), but there is good cross-country riding around here, too, and
> it is spectacularly beautiful.

Sounds real nice. I don’t mind getting a hotel, but this maay make it possible
for other riders to join us. I definitely would like to see the trails and
popular riding areas as featured in the NXS (North Shore Extreme
II) video.

I would definitely like to plan for this, and leave time in my schedule to do
so. It should probably be right after NUC, because people will have to be
heading home. I can maybe still see Seattle on the way home. Don’t know anything
for sure at the moment (like what I’ll be doing for a job then), but let’s set
aside some time and see who wants to join us (so far me, you Dan Heaton, maybe
Roger Davies).

Same thing goes for Moab in May. I’ll hopefully be starting a new job then, but
I would definitely like to get away for a long weekend and drive out there.

Stay on top,

John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

RE: Vancouver riding after NUC

Some of my family might be interested in Muni in near Vancouver.

How can we see the NXS (North Shore Extreme II) video?

Jock Young

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