vancouver riders?

Any of you vancouver riders gonna be applying for this?

would be wicked if a unicyclist got onto the next series.


ahhh, well, that’s not quite my lifestyle… think I’ll pass :wink:


Not even with the chance to “party with beautiful Women” with a capital letter? :stuck_out_tongue:


Assuming we all like women, of course :). That and on watching the videos, I saw very few women (if any at all, come to think of it).

If you have the bandwidth (each episode is around 50 megs, but they’re on a fast server, or so I found) I would suggest downloading the episodes. There’s some good riding (on bikes, of course), some really great north shore stuff and other good looking trails… I really need to get out of Ontario. This page has episodes 1, 3-7. I think the second show is on the link Joe posted (I have it, so I got it from one or the other).

I think it’d be pretty cool if they could be convinced to take on a unicyclist. Most of the riding would be able to be done on a unicycle (and by a good number of competent MUni and trials riders, I would think).


I watched the one Joe mentioned… 'twas indeed impressive stuff. The thought of the handlebar snapping on a jump was rather cringeworthy!

/me goes off to download some more…


If you download and watch any of them, get episode 7 (in Golden B.C.). At 4:30, there’s a fifteen second clip of a kid with his unicycle going through the skate park. It was such a surprise to see!

(so maybe the chances of getting on the show with a uni aren’t that bad after all :)).


sounds cool, but i don’t think i’d have the time

I really wish I lived close enough to try out for that. I downloaded some of the DropIn episodes, and it looks like they go for a variety of riders. I’ll bet they’d consider a unicyclist.


Here ya go Erin:


…that’s more like it, thanks U-Turn.