Vancouver or Bust....

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to get out to the festivities in Vancouver for the Muni Weekend at Black Creek. It is the last week I’ll be out west and I cant think of a better way to end the summer.

Over the Summer I’ll be in Laytonville Califonia. I was wondering if anyone in Cali was planning on Driving up to the event I would like to Fly but that means a 3.5 hr drive to San Fran. and $230 ticket for a plane. The other option I have concidered is a Bus ride that will be over a day by bus to get up there.

If anyone is planning on going and would like someone to share the trip with I would be greatful. If it means catching a bus as far north as Seatle to meet up with someone that is driving, that is an option too. I’m just a poor college student trying to save some moeny and have a great last week on the west cost.

Vancouver or Bust…


Anyone from the Seatle Area going to be driving to VIMW?

If I could get a ride to the air port in Seatle I can actually aford to go to the event. Its a $375 plane tix to fly from Vancouver to Pitt, but only a 105 ticket to fly from Seatle to pitt.

Anyone Please? The reason I have to make plans so early is because of camp, I’ll be out in Northern California with very limited contact to the outside world. So I need to make air reservations before I leave.



I, for one, am planning on going. And I will be bringing a MUni Militia T-shirt. We can work something out.

Seattle is quite a ways from Black Creek. A couple of long drives and a boat ride.

Sweet :sunglasses:

I’m planning on going, but I can’t make any guarantees just yet. If I’m lucky I’ll have a job by then. If I’m not lucky the job might not allow me to take so much time off this summer for nationals, Vancouver, CA muni weekend, and other events. I’ll just have to see.

I see that Harper is planning on going. That is good. Knowing that he has the responsibility to take you up to BC will give him a reason not to wimp out like he did for Moab.

If I fly to your house can I go as well?

who carting me up there?

Yah, sure, ya betcha, by golly.

Harper was an idiot not to go to Moab.

A tough guy like you should ride his (mythic) 29er up here.

whatever,at least im not begin for freebees…