Vancouver Muni Weekend Roadtrip. We need more people to come with us!

Cody and I are driving from southern california to vancouver for the muni weekend! we need two more people to come along with us.
also, is there anyone that will let me borrow a mountain unicycle? I dont ride muni, but i will this weekend.

you will be needing a passport

Sounds like fun! Except I’ve already done a drive to Las Vegas and another one to San Diego already this year. Have fun!

I have a DM MUni you could borrow, but I think it needs some wheel rebuilding to be worthy of your type of riding. I think it’s got several broken spokes. Hopefully you can get a better offer before then. BTW, one of the first major rides that unicycle went on was the North Shore in 1999, after I picked it up at the USA convention that weekend.

sweet, ok ill let you know if I will be needing it :smiley: i can tension spokes etc and true a wheel, but i dont know about getting correct spoke lengths etc before vancouver. maybe I could ride it for long distance muni and I could smash on my 20 inch for shorter rides.

Hey Joe,

Bring whatever you can and if it doesn’t work out I’d be suprised if we can’t find something for you here. Kris usually has something extra or someone local might be away and willing to lend out theirs.

David Weichenberger didn’t seem to have any problems riding the trails on his 20-inch, but I’m not convinced he’s human. :slight_smile:

Hopefully see you in September,

  • James

Joe, remember I can build, tension, true, dish wheels…if it’s in front of me,
If it’s for you, gratise.