vancouver island uni-weekend ( maybe?)

whadup uni’sts,

with evolution finished and a local trials comp coming up ( assover teakettle) i had an idea. The trials competition is usually pretty good ( cars, little spools, big spools, tons of stuff built…i think around 14 or 15 lines and different categories running off them) and theres a fun little skate park in the area too.

so my thoughts were to have a trials, street, ( maybe muni if people are into it, theres some good local trails) and a premier party for evolution.

turns out torker is sponsoring evolution so copies will be out soon!

let me know what people think of this idea…


lots of pictures here to get an idea of the park

teaser for evo


I love to come, but I dobnt hink ill be going into Canda for a little.

When is the assover teakettle competition?

A trip up to Vancouver Island sounds interesting. I’d be more interested in a muni ride, some sight seeing, some beer drinking, and watching the trials competition. Any excuse to go visit Vancouver Island is a good thing.

i believe its in june

somethings were changed around, so ill give the final notice closer to then

Depending on the date I expect some of us from Vancouver will head over…