Vancouver Island MUni Weekend Schedule of Events

Hey everybody, sorry for the long wait, but finally everything seems to be worked out for the first ever Vancouver Island Mountain Unicycle Weekend.

Some of the rides aren’t finalised because I’m not sure if the trails are still there, (i.e., the might have been torn down, or logged) and I’m not sure how difficult they are for beginner type riders. I also don’t have any lengths for the trails because they are just not known. I will try to get up and time myself to see how long it takes me to ride them. Don’t worry though, none of them are overly epic.

Anyway here’s the schedule as it stands right now:

Vancouver Island Mountain Unicycle Weekend Schedule of Events

-Thursday, August 21: ?

-Friday, August 22: Expert Ride: 9:30 am - Bucket of Blood, Cumberland… Intermediate/Beginner Ride: 9:30 am - North East Woods, Comox… Evening: UNiVERsE 2 Trailer Premier at Dylan’s house.

-Saturday, August 23: Expert Ride: 9:30 am - Mount Washington ride (maybe, haven‘t decided yet, since the lift costs money) … Intermediate/Beginner Ride: 9:30 am - TBA… Trials Barbecue 5:00 pm, Miracle Beach

-Sunday, August 24: Expert Ride: 9:30 am - Two Sheiks and a Dog, Sniper, Monkey Spank, Forbidden Plateau… Intermediate/Beginner Ride: 9:30 am - TBA… Evening - Burger Dinner at Edgewater Bistro in Comox (veggie, salmon, halibut, and beef)

-Monday, August 25: ?

The actual event is from August 22-24 but I’m just letting the people know that are coming early or staying later, that nothing is really planned.

Anyone who is planning on attending, can you please send me an email at I have been having massive computer problems and I have lost many of my emails.

For the barbecue we will be asking people to chip in about 5 dollars Canadian so we can buy a bunch of stuff to cook up. Don’t worry there will be alternatives for us vegetarians.

For the dinner at the Edgewater Bistro in Comox the burgers and fries will cost around 10$-15$ Canadian, but I’m sure we will get a deal, as I know the owner and both my Mom and Girlfriend work there.

I’m still working on getting some shirts together, but I dont know if it’s gonna happen yet.

If there is still tons of confusion on how to get here, just let me know by posting to this thread or sending me an email, and I will put a map up on the web.

If you are planning to stay at my house, please mention that in your email so I know how much room I have. If you are planning on finding other accommodations I have compiled a list of nearby hotels.

in Campbell River (30 Minutes North of Black Creek):

Rustic Motel
1-800-567-2007 (toll free, US and Canada)
Tel. 1-250-286-6295 Fax. 1-250-286-9692 Email:
2140 North Island Highway, Campbell River

Coast Discovery Inn
Tel. 1-250-287-7155 Fax. 1-250-287-2213

975 Shoppers Row, Campbell River

Best Western Austrian Chalet
Tel. 1-250-923-4231 Fax. 1-250-923-2840 Email:

Above Tide Motel, 361 Island Highway, Campbell River, BC

April Point Resort, 900 April Point Rd, Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island, BC,

Hotel Backmair Email:
492 S Island Hwy,Campbell River, BC

Bennets Point Resort
4384 S. Island Hwy.
Campbell River, B.C. Canada
Toll Free:1-877-561-3425

Big Rock Motel, 1020 South Island Hwy, Campbell River, BC

Deer Lodge, 1290 Alpine Way Mt Washington, Campbell River, BC

Eagle Nest Lodge Motel, 391 Island Hwy, Campbell River, BC

The Edgewater Motel
4073 South Island Hwy,
Campbell River, BC,

The Marina Inn

1430 S Island Hwy, Campbell River, BC,

The Ramada
261 Island Hwy. Campbell River, BC,
V9W 2B3
Toll Free:1-800-663-7227

The Super 8 motel

340S Island Hwy, Campbell River, BC, V9W 1A5
Tel:(250)286-6622 Toll Free:1-800-800-8000
Vista Del Mar

920 South Island Hwy,
Campbell River, BC,V9W 1B1 Email:
Tel:(250)923-4271 Toll Free:800-661-4311

in Courtenay (30 minutes South of Black Creek)

The Travel Lodge

2605 S. Island Hwy., Courtenay,
British Columbia, Canada
Toll-free: 1-800-795-9486

Anco Motel
1885 Cliffe Ave., Courtenay,
Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada
Tel:(250)334-2451 Fax:(250)334-3420

Crown Isle Resort & Golf, 399 Clubhouse Dr., Courtenay, BC, Canada

River Heights Motel
1820 Cliffe Ave, Courtnay, B.C.

The Sleepy Hollow Inn
1190 Cliff Ave. Courtenay,
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Toll Free:1-800-811-5955 Tel:(250)334-4476

Hopefully this helps everybody out.

Dylan Wallinger

I’m there.

Thanks for the info on the Vancouver muni event Dylan! I just paid for my plane ticket and am flying in from the farthest point in Eastern Canada to practically the farthest point West! I would like to know a few more details such as is Black Creek closer to Campbell River or Comox? How can I get to Black Creek (any possible lifts?) Is anyone driving up or back to Vancouver? I will be camping hopefully in Dylan’s backyard!! Are the events/rides definately starting on Friday? Who besides me, Dylan and Checketnuts will be there?
Any and all info would be greatly appreciated.
Looking forward to the first Van. Island Muni!!

Keep’er rollin’


I will be attending at least one day. I plan to be a MUni rider one day and a husband on another day. I’m interested in the ride that has the most trail toys. Will you list the features of the rides if possible?

What ferry do you recommend taking? Which one is least likely to require reservations? The Comox-Powell River run looks like it’s the most convenient.

Is Black Creek a tiny little community with no motels in town and only the provincial campground nearby? Is the campground primitive or does it have pay showers available?

Will you soon post a map or directions to your house or whatever meeting place we will use?

Will I need to bring my Canadian phrase book or will translators be available?

Hi Dylan.

I’m planning on attending. What would be the best way to get to your place from the Tacoma area? I’m planning on coming over the last ferry ride on Friday night.

Jason Preston

PS-If anyone needs a ride from South Seattle on Friday night and coming back on the lastest ferry on Saturday shoot me an email.