Vancouver Island Muni Weekend in August??

Hey everyone,
Whats wrong with having Vancouver Island Muni weekend in August?
Anyone have any Problems with that??
It gives us more time to plan and plus that’s our best weather.

Thanks alot.



That will work for me. I cant wait to come out and ride with you guys!


I think it was very thoughtful of you and Dylan to wait until my next birthday. August always works well for me. The pictures in the other thread: is that one of the places we’ll be riding? Will our socks be spotlessly clean like yours are in the cheesecake shot when we’re done riding?

curious (?)
how is it that you get to go to all these unicycle events yet have no cash to drop for a splined crank set?

I think thats all been solved and I wil be dropping 300 for some profiles shortley. But the great thing about an event being in Aug. Is that I can make some money at my summer job (in No.Cal) and its still driving distance away from the event.

Now Dropping another 550 ish for a good Muni that might be another problem for me…


that would probably be better, what kind of time in august are you thinking?

Hey Hey,
Nah, where i was riding in thoes pictures, is way to easy and lame for all you pro’s out there, we will be hitting Mt.Washington, Area 51 (most likely) and other great places like that.

Dylan and i will be getting back to everyone later on the exact dates,

Keep postin!!

hey, hey, it looked pretty nice to me, I don’t mind some easy and lame stuff…!:smiley: Don’t always care to get my socks all muddy…


Re: Vancouver Island Muni Weekend in August??


not sure when… just throwing out the idea beause i think it would make it alot
easier for everyone… When’s a good date for you?