Vancouver Island MUni Weekend Dates?

What dates are good for you? (sometime in june or july) Just tell me what dates
are good and I’ll try to pick a time good for everyone. It should be awesome!



May weenies like me attend? You’re in my neighborhood. I may be able to bring a real rider like John Childs along. Any time is OK with me. I would prefer to ride on days that end with “y”, though.

Last weekend of June is the weekend that the annual international Seattle juggling festival is held… it is a good event… wouldn’t want to miss it. How 'bout the third weekend in June or the second weekend in July… that’s my 2 cents worth.


I would have to say late june would be best, because I’d have a lot more trouble getting out there later in july due to Naucc being here.

I would like to try to make Squamish Test of Metal June 21 ? Theres gonna be some sick trials there.

I’ll try to make it up whatever weekend it is Early June and then Mid July are probably the best times for me.


July is bad. It contains the NAUCC from the 29th to August 3. It also contains the IJA Festival from 14-19. In addition, I will try to go to part of the AADB Convention from 12-18. That’s the American Association of Deaf Blind; not a heck of a lot to do with unicycling.

July is a busy month in general for people, so I think June would be better. Then you have to watch out for school. Most US schools let out sometime in June. End of June sounds like it would be optimum. Also avoid the weekend of July 4-6 because many unicyclists may have conflicting July 4th weekend plans.

With so much going on for me this year, I really hope I can make it. For me personally, all weekends in June are currently okay. But I recommend either 20-22 or 27-29 so it doesn’t conflict with the riders in school.

I’ll put my vote in for the weekend of the 27th-29th, with another, somewhat extraneous reason. If everyone is around for the 29th, some people could stay to celebrate our national holiday (fitting, as people would be in Canada) – Canada Day – on July 1st.


here’s an idea…
If Squamish Test of Metal is June 21, then why not have it end just before that (the 20th) so people could fly over, then drive around. It would make it so us people from further away would get 2 awesome events out of one flight! So, maybe the weekend before? or why not make it a full week-long event :smiley: !


do all you people know where Canada is?:smiley:

Probably not all of us Americans, a lot of us don’t even know where our own fifty states are :slight_smile:

Canada’s near Maine, right? Or was it near Russia? Why do you ask? Most of us are giving possible conflict weekends. Those conflicts are not necessarily Canadian conflicts, but most of the potential riders for Dylan’s event are not necessarily Canadian.

Wondered if anyone would get thet…
The student year is mainly similar to the U.S., but you lucky kids get all sorts of extra days off. I’d agree with the late june, 27-29, maybe a nice break from exams.

But if you put it on the 27th I would have to decide to go to that or to Test of Metal. I dont think its possible for me to do both and I sure do hate making decisions.

So you clearly see it has to be some other time. Maybe the same weekend as test of Metal. We could all go to that and ride Muni on Sunday right??

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Re: Vancouver Island MUni Weekend Dates?

I’m taking June off to ride in Norway so couldn’t make it unless it’s in mid
July, but you shouldn’t time it around me as I am not positive I can come. I
hope so though.


“Dylan Wallinger” <> wrote in message
> What dates are good for you? (sometime in june or july) Just tell me what
> are good and I’ll try to pick a time good for everyone. It should be
> Thanks,
> Dylan

Alas, I am not positive I can come either. This partially depends on the chosen weekend, of course, but also due to the many trips Jacquie and I already have planned this year. Lots of time off. If I have to miss it I’m really going to regret it!


is this the unicycling event being held in black creek?

I’m lost :S

Time to splurge and get a map of B.C., Unibrow. :wink:


I may be able to make it, but chances are slim. But if I can make it, I would prefer the weekend of June 28. Our school district has teachers work up to Friday, June 20 and then come back for the Monday after. I need that day usually and another one to clear out my room. So, the following weekend would work out better.

I either go to Vancouver or forfeit going to New Jersey with Bridgeman’s clan in October.


I live in b.c. infact on vancouver island near victoria so :stuck_out_tongue:

But i still want to know if this is the event being held in black creek!

Yah, I know Unibrow… just teasing you!:smiley:


Hey. This is Lauren, (Dylan’s Girlfriend).
We just wanted to know if anyone would be interested in trying to combine VIMW and Test of Metal in Squamish (Like Ryan suggested). TOM is on June 21 (the saturday) and it’s only about a 5 hour drive away from where VIMW is taking place. We were thinking of having VIMW go on during the week, then for the weekend, head over to squamish, do the trials thing, then maybe hit up the north shore… What do you guys think?
One big Uni week…sounds RAD!

:smiley: cheers, Lauren