Vancouver, Canada

Hey, it looks like I’ll be in Vancouver approximately one month from now… is there anyone around there that would like to get some unicycling in? Or, should I save myself the embarassment of unicycling in Kris Holm’s turf? :slight_smile:

Yeah, definitely get in touch with me or one of the other Vancouver riders who posts here, Mike Rocks posts ocassionally and Slugbath once in a while as well.

We were recently roused from our winter hibernation by Harper whose determination to help us organize a ride resulted in a fine group ride this past Saturday. Four Cokers and two 29’ers gathered for a most pleasant and scenic ride. See photo.

Looking forward to meeting you.


the group at the start.jpg

i will be back in Vancouver on the 25th or 26th of next month, but i may be a little busy settleing in so its a maybe

Ok, sounds good! Give me a PM when the date is a little closer and we’ll work out some details for a ride.


My photos from this gorgeous ride are at:

I particulaly like #10 in which I have thrown a water bottle into the air at the group to get them to look up to the uni-deity in hopes of gifts from on high. Suckers. Except for Erin who was, as a counselor, questioning my motives. The finest shot is #7 of Andrea Tanaka in the fountain.

Wow, what a great ride that must have been - most of the rest of us won’t get that kind of weather for another 2 months. But nobody tried riding the railing on the Lion’s Gate bridge? Guess that sort of thing’s been done before…
Thanks for the great pics!

Doug (still snow-bound)

Cool… what kind of rides do you do most, or think you would want to do? on or off road? I’m trying to figure out if I should bring my muni or my 28… any of you have any suggestions on skiing or snowboarding up there? That’s the other main thing (besides work) I plan on doing there, probably at the whistler. If you guys want, you can email me at; my username is the same as it is here.