Vancouver, BC-Street Weekend )--( X )

Hey guys and gals,

October 19th to 21st theres going to be a street ride weekend.
Theres about 10 unicyclists here that might be going, a couple guys from alberta are road tripping here, not sure about kris( i think he still might be out of comission), i spoke with sabin arditty and he may come, same with dylan wallinger(what i heard from my roommate).

SO! theres a bunch of wicked spots to go to, we just cruise around the city and have a kick ass weekend! Everyones invited, even if your a trials rider i guess

heres one of the skateparks thats about 10 mins from my plaace -

heres another sick park nearby

And if you need somewhere to stay then theres plenty of floor space at my pad.

so if you have a chance to come, then let me know here.


p.s. any questions shoot me a pm

This a very good opportunity for all unicyclist even though he is a beginner.

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I’m new here and would just like to know what you actually do here?
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