Vancouver, BC-Street Weekend )--( X )

Hey guys and gals,

October 19th to 21st theres going to be a street ride weekend.
Theres about 10 unicyclists here that might be going, a couple guys from alberta are road tripping here, not sure about kris( i think he still might be out of comission), i spoke with sabin arditty and he may come, same with dylan wallinger(what i heard from my roommate).

SO! theres a bunch of wicked spots to go to, we just cruise around the city and have a kick ass weekend! Everyones invited, even if your a trials rider i guess :roll_eyes:

heres one of the skateparks thats about 10 mins from my plaace -

heres another sick park nearby

And if you need somewhere to stay then theres plenty of floor space at my pad.

so if you have a chance to come, then let me know here.


p.s. any questions shoot me a pm

Who are the people coming from ab? Could I get their emails so I can set something up with them?

Also, if I came on a bus or plane, could I stay at your house justin? I’m seriously interested in coming.

yea man no problem. Um its that maxisback guy here on the forums, and hes coming with another guy. Should be a great weekend, and your more than welcome to stay. Bring a sleeping bag

How shall I contact him?

ill email you his msn tonight, anyone else? gunna be crazy!

I’d love to come, but alas, I live like 23 hours away…:frowning:

Sounds like you guys are going to have an amazing time, be sure to get some footage for those of us who can’t make it!

I hope to be studying abroad in Vancouver next year.

there will for sure be a video :sunglasses:

I’ve got a couch/floor space up for grabs as well if anyone needs a place to stay. PM me if you are interested.


P.s. I live closish to Stanley park (4 blocks) if location is important at all.

More like 45 hours according to

maybe he ment by flying? not sure…

awesome thanks tynan

bumpity bump?

so a few more people have been added to the list. 3 guys from alberta are coming now. And theres tons of people thinking about it. DONT THINK, COME! its a good chance to ride with some new people.

There seriously better be a ton of footage haha.

oh there will be footage and pics, no worries there. :sunglasses:

theres news of people coming from northern bc too. gunna be funnnnn!

hey guys, just thew this together today showing some of the fun spots we’ll hit, and theres a funny old guy at the end:D


Hahaha that looks like a pretty akward situation when you guys were talking to that old guy. Some nice clips in there though.