vancouver 2010 olympics opening ceremonies

well its been a while since i have posted but just wanted to let everyone know i have applied to be in the opening ceremonies at the olympics, and to wish me luck! and if there is anyone in the BC, alberta and washington (USA) area go to the vancouver olympic website and and send in an application because they need all the people they can get.:smiley: :sunglasses:

You applied for the opening ceremonies?? Sweet!! I didn’t know they were looking for unicyclists! I just might consider applying!!

Do you know what you would do if you got in? Would you just ride around, or actually do tricks??

I bet Kris Holm, Dan Heaton and all the other good unicyclists from around here would have no problem getting in!!

They’re not looking for unicyclists in particular, just volunteers, in particular dancers, performers of all kinds, and athletes. I guess there is a very remote chance they’ll include a unicycle section in the show, but I really wouldn’t count on it.
And I have applied as well, we’ll see what happens.

Where is their web site?