Value of this unicycle

I found this torker uni on Facebook marketplace and the price is good…or so I think…I want to know it’s intended purpose/riding style and if it will hold up off-road.

Here’s a picture

It will not hold up well off-road (square taper cranks, and not designed for it) but it seems a fine price for the condition it appears to be in.

Steel frame and no handle on the saddle so it’d be good for learning, short commuting (if you don’t want to be holding on), performance, or just some fun on flat ground.

Looking at the picture, it appears to have a small grab handle. I thought all new-ish Torkers have grab handles on the saddle. Are we talking about the same thing?

My first unicycle was a Torker, and I took it off road. And as a beginner, since I had no hopping skills, couldn’t do drops and couldn’t pull hard on the saddle, there was little chance of breaking the uni on modest trails. So, my advice is: Don’t let a cheap uni like this stop you from riding on dirt.


It’s definitely more of a bumper than a grab handle on that one. The newer Torkers have an obvious handle that sticks out the front a little bit.

Absolutely. The pioneers of mountain unicycling rode on similar equipment, and I’ve been on many a light off-road ride with people using similar!
Always good to be aware of the potential limitations of what you have though

Unless you’re buying it as a loaner to get others into unicycling, I really can’t see the sense in buying a bit of a clunker when you already have much nicer unicycles that are almost certain to get ridden instead. Personally, I’d spend the money on some nice pedals, some 5/10’s or something.

But if you’ve got a nephew or a buddy that says he wants to learn, then this might be a good choice.