Value of my Muni?

I’m considering selling my Muni to fund other projects, I was wondering if any one could give me an idea of what the second hand value would be. Spec is as follows:

Nimbus II extra wide frame
Steel seatpost (22.2mm)
Double bolt alloy clamp with stainless thread inserts
Alex DX 32 rim
Duro 24"x3" Tyre
Stainless Spokes
KH Hub and 170 mm cranks ('03/'04 type, with nubs)
KH Fusion saddle
UDC metal pedals with pressed pins.

In addition, a pair of 140mm KH cranks to suit, complete with new bearing spacers bolts etc, very little use on them.

All is in good condition, the frame and cranks have a few scratches but nothing untoward, hub and both sets of cranks are totally straight with no play. Cranks and pedals have never been crank grabbed or ground on.

UDC’s cheapest splined Muni is £185 so i guess it’s going to be a fair bit lower than that, if you could let me know what you all think (and if anyone is interested i suppose) that would be great.

i’d say around $300-$400 CAD for a nice muni like that so thats 150-200 ish pounds i think…do you have pics.

i would say about… 250 to 300 candain if you want it to sell fast. the reason i say this is becasue not many people like the 22.2 MM seat post and the fact that it’s a 03/04 hub well they are strong they are no longer popular… you might want to think about parting it out if you can’t find a buyer for the whole thing… in any case it sounds like a nice uni !

Pics will be coming shortly, i must have some good ones somewhere. The 22mm postis part of the reason why im replacing it, although a 25.4 mm frame is only £15 and £10 for the post itself. I don’t want to part it out because i need to be sure that I’m going to sell it all before I go ahead, and also it is so much hassle to be selling individual bits. Cheers for your input guys, anyone else?

i’d pay $300 CDN if it is in good condition $250 if in medium condish
PS this is not an offer that is just what i would pay if i was looking for it

I dont agree with the 250-300 CDN price range. Thats roughly the same price range as a new Torker DX. And i would take Mr. Kington’s muni (new or used) any day over a new Torker.

True, you would sell it fast at that price, but i’d hold out for a bit more. Shoot for somewhere between what you bought it for new and 300 CDN.

…my 2¢