Valiant end to my Torker

So, tonight at the OKC Skatepark, my Torker frame ('05) met it’s glorious grind during a grind to 180, the uni fell on the 180 and hit and the frame cracked. And then once i go in my front dor, it snapped off completely. Here’s the damage:

Luckily, I noticed the crack getting larger and order a Nimbus II frame this afternoon. I’m taking it to a muffler shop tomorrow to get a quick fix to hold it over til my order comes.

Owch dude… Mine’s due to break anytime now… I have a torker CX… Crappy.

That sucks, though it is expected of hard riders to break 'em.
What frame are you going to replace it with?


Good job. =p

EDIT: Did you leave your uni outside much, or ride in the rain a lot?

I can Ride mine W/O the seat… can you ride it w/o the whole post?

see if torker will replace the frame for you.

toker probly wont repalce the frame cause you striped off the paint your self.
you let that thing rust way too much.
and slap some grease on that seatpost!

That’s not entirely true, one of my friends who i haven’t seen in donkeys but still talking to him on MSN said he stripped his paint of his QU-AX and when it rusted. He found someone who could replace the frame. So maybe torker could replace the frame. :smiley:

well he already ordered a nimbus 2 frame and I would much rather have a nimbus 2 instead of another torker.

I think the rust was due to the fact, that it fell in a pond, while I was on it. Just a guess though. But, my nimbus frame should be here soon, which is exciting.

cx’s don’t break … ever

they don’t??? I thought I had the crappiest unicycle their was?
My rim’s all bent up… I guess I should buy a new rim

OH LX’s are the crappiest right???

I’m pretty sure he didn’t strip the paint. I think he just painted over it.

4m drop?

no, neither of those are the crappiest ever. You should see the picture of the uni that johnfoss learned on. THAT may be the crappiest unicycle ever :wink:

At least it was a glorious end! I have been able to see a 1 1/2" hairline crack on mine for about 2-3 months, and I’ve had it for 6. I just switched to riding everything except for skinnies.

That’s exactly how mine was, but then I noticed growth, and not but 2 days later…SNAP!

Yeah the LX is definately one of the cheapest unis you can buy. Start saving up for one w/ a splined hub. I’m looking at the Nimbus hopley. I don’t mind waiting an extra month to save the extra $100 but I’m not sure it’s worth it.

That spot on the DX was prone to snapping for 2006 and earlier. The 2007 frame is reenforced there and should not break.

You can probably bring it to a welding shop and get it fixed for $20.

That’s what I meant to say:o