Valentin Bucher Vimeo Profile (Muni)

Hi guys

here ist just a link to my vimeo profile:

take a look and enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

greez spally

I just watched latest vid and I’m impressed by the rough terrain you managed to ride.
And the sync with music was also great :slight_smile:

i’m very happy to hear that someone likes my video

That Mels is some crazy “trail”. I can’t even think of a trail in my area with that kind of terrain. Maybe a section here and there. In any case, I can’t ride like that… and you’re impressive.

That’s one I’ll watch again. :sunglasses:

thanks for your great comment

Nice link spally, thanks for sharing.

I like the videos (riding style, editing, …) there’s only one thing that bothers me when watching the latest ones: Did the dreadlocks really had to go???




Hey Grummel,

great to see something like that from you ; ))
Nice Edit. And great ridin technique. Motivating to watch.

Maybe we’re goin for a ride that year ?!

Greetz G


i’ve got my dreads since 8 years. It was time for a change :roll_eyes:

@ g1crazy

the next 10 months i’m in the swiss army. so i can’t ride as much muni as i want because i’m only at the weekend at home.

sad but true

Thumbs up for riding that Mels trail! I will definitely watch your other videos once I’ve got time.

I watched them last to first. The last one was nowhere near the level I’ve come to expect from you in Turtle’s vids :o

The others esp that first one were really impressive :sunglasses:

Filming wise I liked Mels best.

I too was shocked to see the dreds gone, I had to double check the credits to make sure it was still you :roll_eyes:

nice riding. lets go!

Great riding dude especially brakeless -props to you, your dreads looked so rad! And skilewis you seem hard to satisfy haha.


Thanks for those great commets. I’m very happy to read so much compliments.