This isn’t unicycling related, but I was too stoked on it to put it in ‘just conversation.’ Anyway, I was elected to be the Valedictorian for my grad class. Hurrah. Anybody else here ever valedictorian?

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Nah, I wasn’t popular enough. But I did write her speech for her.

I wasn’t even there the day we were supposed to say a speech, explaining why people should vote for us, so I had to film mine, and they played it on a tv. Here’s the speech:

"Hello everyone.

I unfortunately couldn’t be with you today, but am broadcasting my valedictorian speech live from the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Excuse any lags, or long pauses, as there is a delay due to the satellite broadcast.

This year has marked a turning point in many of our lives… that’s right, the second time through grade 12. I feel for you brothers. And for those of us who will be sticking around for one more year, I also feel for you. Stay tuned for my grad 2006 speech.
Now, to get a little more serious… or maybe, just slightly less sarcastic. As I look around this room (pause, mock looking around a crowded gym) I see the future leaders of our country, or maybe even this entire star system. I also see teachers, athletes, the future Prime Minister of South Yemen, good job Andrew. I see musicians, artists, Joel Dampier(a friend of mine who goes to a different school, but was sitting in that day), great comedians, doctors, and many other professions that I consciously neglected to mention. Most of all I see friends and memories I will hold for the rest of my sad, lonely, uneventful life. And that’s all you could really ask for.

If you choose me as Valedictorian for the grad class of 2005, I can only promise one thing… alright 2 things. Number one: a completely unattainable body, and number two: a speech that will blow your minds. Like acid, but without those unpleasant flashbacks. It’s your choice, on who you want to represent our class, just don’t make the wrong one."

I’m not sure if you guys will think this is funny, but those who know me probably will.

Did you use the patented spinning Dylan cam from Universe 2?

haha awesome! Nice speech to :smiley:
Do they all know your a wicked awesome world famous unicyclist?

Quick explanation for this Limey?

I’ve got a rough idea of what a valedictorian is (numerous films over the years), but I’ve probably got entirely the wrong idea.

So could Dylan or another American explain to this Brit how the whole thing works? Does the valedictorian have duties? Priviledges? A uniform with shiny buttons?

BTW my two sons’ (9 and 11) favourite section in Universe 2 is the one entitled “When Dylan meets Rock” :smiley:

of couse dylan didn’t use the spinney cam, he used a tripod like a normal person.

then he broke it on his nuts.
sorry dylan but it had to be said, :¬)

What do the rest of your yeargroup think of you being one of the most famous unicyclists in the world? Or are they just generally ignorant or ambivolous to the whole thing? I know that if i’d had a worldwide DVD release including me cropping a camera with my nuts and faceplating a rock while at school I’d be pretty well known, even in a comic way. But then my yeargroup wasn’t very big, so word would have got around anyway…

Do you think its helped you political career?


We’re having a val this year, but since we’re english it probably isn’t like your american one. we have head boy and head girl which we voted for at the start of year 13,
but I bet our head boy can’t even spell Mount Kilimanjaro.

what actually happens at a val?

maybe we should re vote for our valedictorian,

Re: Quick explanation for this Limey?

From Webster’s Dictionary:

valedictorian: the mamber of a graduating class (usually highest in rank) who delivers the farwell address to classmates at commencement.

I daughter was valedictorian of her graduating class in high school, but the position was not determined by voting. In Texas, the student with the highest grade point average is slected as valedictorian. There are some perks, such as special schlarships, available only to valedictorians.

Congratulations Dylan!!!

I was actually valedictorian of my graduating class from Seward Park High School - A Maximum Security HS - in 1978. It was a real inner city school on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The population was roughly one quarter each white, black, asian, and latino kids. I was the first non-asian female valedictorian in 5 years (Harper you can chuckle if you recall a PM you sent to me a couple of years ago.)

Our graduation was at the Beacon Theater in NY where I had only recently seen Queen and NeKtar. The only thing I remember was that it was really hot (in the literal, not figurative sense), I caught my foot in my graduation gown and almost fell over walking to the front of the stage, and I ended my speech with a hearty “Good Luck” after the principal had delivered a speech on how luck had nothing to do with success.

I’d like to say that unicycling was somehow involved - I was riding at the time - but sadly it was not.

Congrats Dylan.

correction: Canadian, sorry

I could have been Valedictorian.

But they didn’t have a special one for the bottom 50 percentile where I went to school.

Congrats. Great speech!

I graduated Summa Cum Lucky from high school but I dated our valedictorian. Does that count?

The best I could do was president of our National Honor Society.

Congrats, Dylan! Way to go.


Awesome speech Dylan, even if you didn’t get to deliver it live. And it worked too. Way to go. Can you also post the text of your real one after graduation?

And the real question: are you riding any?!


This will become unicycling related when you deliver the parting address on your MUni. Congratulations. You’re an excellent student as well as a talented individual in many other areas: unicycling, shirt design, rugby, breaking equipment, dramatic falls, ride organization. The list just goes on and on and will probably continue to grow.

Congrats Dylan! That’s great…

And an even more ‘real’ question(s?): “Will you be in Black Creek at the start of August? I’ll be up on Hornby and was toying with the idea of riding some Vancouver Island trails one or two of the days. If you’ll be around and would be intersted in going for a ride drop me a PM…”

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yes, i was a valedictorian for Jr High graduation. For highschool…well, a 4.2 GPA wasn’t as good as some of my friend’s who got 4.3 (i should have taken more honor’s classes!)


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> This isn’t unicycling related, but I was too stoked on it to put it in
> ‘just conversation.’ Anyway, I was elected to be the Valedictorian for
> my grad class. Hurrah. Anybody else here ever valedictorian?
Well, being in England I had to look the word up. I suspect I have heard
it before but never needed to know of its meaning. But does anywhere else
have validictories other than the USA, or could we say that this is a
genuine American , as opposed to English word?