Vacation-Where to go?

Hey! Im back.

This summer my family is choosing a place to go for a vacation (mabye a few). I am wandering if any unicycle conventions are going on in driving distance from central Minnesota. Anything from June to Augest, let me know. I need ideas for somewhere to go. (he he… it rhymes) Well, back to the point. I need a unicycle convention or unicycle enthuisiest place to go. Something more along the line of MUni or street/trial. Please respond with any places you think are suitable.
REMEMBER!!! The place must be in driving distance of central minnesota. Thankyou.

NAUCC its driving distance, if you drive for a while
its in saline mi

Yeah, i was on the google (long live Steven Colbert) and was looking at that. Just i have yet to see where it is on the map.