V brakes for Muni?

Has anyone used v brakes on a Muni before… id really like to add brakes to my Muni but i havent fgot the money for Maguras.

Are V brakes going to work for a Muni? How do they compare to Maguras?


ah…i think they can fit on a tire up to 2.6". They are fine, maybe quite not as powerfull as the hydraulic brakes, but still good. I would like them because i cant adjust the hydraulic brakes like i could a V-B without bringing them to a bike shop to put more fluid or whatever in. Also, hydraulic brakes can leak if u pull on the lines or fall and brake, or tar a line. Mine leak a little right now when i pull the lever in all the way.

but overall hydraulic Magura brakes are probably still more worth the money than VB’s.


“L-brakes” are even cheaper. (L = Leg) :wink:

Seriously, with 170mm cranks you’d have to go down some treacherously steep and gnarly trail to really need brakes.

Yeah but mine look so cool! ANd I do use them regularly. Sure saves my quads on the steep grades!

~i run mags not Vs~
V’s can be run on aney with tire as long as the mounts are far enough apart to clear. I read somewhere once that the main reason people dont realy run v’s for muni is because the normaly stick out further than mags and would hit your legs and such

Bear in mind that if your frame has brake mounts already (like the KH frames) they’re probably magura specific mounts.

V-brakes work fine on munis as long as you the arms are long enough to go over your tyre. They don’t have the same issues maguras have with breaking the lines in a crash, or the lines breaking when the unicycle is being transported places. You can fit them on a 3" tyre.

They do poke out a little bit, not much different to maguras, but a little bit higher up, which doesn’t make a difference to me, but if you do a lot of seat out front hopping it might annoy you slightly.

Some people who haven’t tried them claim that v-brakes can be accidentally knocked onto the tyre by your legs causing them to lock on. This doesn’t happen in real life.


Ok great…So does anyone kno a way(without welding) that i can attach the mounts to the frame?

And terry is right…Brakes make a Muni look cooler. Plus with some Nokon Cables it would look so sweet!!

you can get brake mount adapters that use hose clamps. They cost about £20 and are a bit shonky. Most of them won’t work on a large tyre.

Alternatively, getting brake mounts welded on by a bike shop costs about £30, and should work round any tyre as long as they’re fitted right.

If you’re thinking of nokon cables you could probably get maguras off ebay or somewhere for about the same as the cables cost. If you’re only going v-brake for the cost posh cables don’t make sense.


Thing is my Nokons are free… My buddy bought a set for his BMX and he didnt need all of it so he gave the rest to me and its plenty for a Uni setup.

My advice for getting your mounts welded on: find a local welding shop or two in your area, and show up ~30 mins before closing time. Have the mounts already set up on your frame (clamped on), or at least have the mounting location clearly marked on your frame so the set up won’t take much time. Ask one of the welders if he can tack on your mounts and you could probably get it done for pocket change. After the set up, it’s all of 10 minutes of work


If you’re only dealing with short sections (~40-50 ft) of intense downhill, you can just crank on your handle and stomp on your pedals and make it through.

On the contrary, another situation that calls for brakes (esp. a drag brake) is a long fire road descent. A couple miles of gentle smooth downhill will get my knees singing those sad songs.