V-brakes for coker

I’ve spent the last half hour or so using the search function to try to get specific info on installing V-brakes on my coker. I could seem to find difinitive info. I don’t want maguras.

So I wondering if someone who currently has a V-brake mounted on thier coker (Standard frame, not nimbus) could post a reply with pics showing your setup. I’m guessing I could just go to my LBS and have them install regular bike V-brakes on my coker.

Will I need a V-brake adaptor? I saw one setup where the brakes were secured to either side of the frame with hose clamps. Thanks!:smiley:

I was thinking something like this:

v brake adapter.jpg

Have you seen the article in the first issue of
uni magazine? The whole installation is shown, but using a center-pivot older BMX-type brake, not the V-type.
You need to drill a hole through the lower center of the frame.

If you need the article, let me know.

i need it…
im thinking about putting brakes on my coker…