V-Brake to Maggie HS adapter mount!!

I don’t know if ya’ll have seen this yet but looky looky what Woodman Components has designed! Unicycle.com should really start carrying this!

MSRP - $41


Magaura to V brake eh, Thats typically not the usual set up for antything but unicycles…

For Muni I dont thing these are very useful as most tires are 3" wide and dont accomadate vbrakes, and any coker or 29 that would need a brake I wouldnt get a frame with maggie mounts.

If anyone is interseted Webcyclery sells their backwards olderbrother, ie Magura Evolution Adapters allow you to mount you Maguras onto regular canti studs.

Link to Maggie Evo Adapters

Actually they have some quite useful stuff, including this Post Shim!


Actually it’s V-brake to Magura if I’m not mistaken which would be quite useful for someone like me who hasn’t got the Magura bosses on my muni as it is. I think you’re reading the image the wrong way around.

If you run a HS-33 with standard brake bosses, like I do currently, you have to have these two bits sticking out and pressing up against the fork legs to simulate the two mounting points per side of the HS-33 bosses that most unicyclists run.


Nope, it bolts v-brake bosses onto the magura mounts. Check the link, it says so there, and the sticky-out bits look like brake bosses. I’d be tempted if it was v-brake to magura, but I doubt you could securely fix a 2 bolt bracket to a single brake boss. There’d be nothing to stop the twisting force.


Ah, I see…silly me. Thanks for correcting me. :slight_smile: