today our club had outside practice for the first time since last july, and i got out the uw. last year i could ride it but not very well. over the winter i learned seat drags (sort of other than the pick up transition) and now it seemed really easy. i could mount, rock, hop, backwards, and roll it and kind of step on. Is there a mount where you jump on? If there is how do you learn it? Also what other tricks can be done on a uw?


come on someone? anyone?

Fixed. I think that if you do a search you’ll find more than I could ever tell you.

http://unicyclist.org/cont/freestyle.cfm Look here. You might get a few ideas.

Some other tricks I’ve heard of on the UW are:

  1. Hopping with the pedals vertical. I believe you’re supposed to put your foot under the top pedal.
  2. Jumping rope while hopping on the UW.
  3. Jumping from one UW to another rolling one.
  4. Inverted hand pedaling on a slackrope.
  5. Kick-up mount.
  6. Presumably you could do spins, and maybe even pirouettes on it.
  7. Unispins should also be possible, although I’ve never seen them done.
  8. Try jumping off the UW, letting it roll briefly, and landing again.

I do seat drag, but I’ve never ridden an UW.