hi. Are the Nimbus 24" uws any good? :slight_smile:


I believe Nimbus is the brand of unicycles produced by unicycle.com. They may not be the same quality as other brands and products like KH, Wyganowski, and Semcycle, but you can count on them being sturdy, and a fairly good value.

Or build your own…

This hasnät costed me a dine, but i will have to spend 5$ on the paint, because i want it blue.


nice work :slight_smile:

I’m going to repaint mine, maybe blue

whats the difference between the yuni uw and the nimbus uw?

is there one?

The nimbus UW’s are made from aluminium and have a hard anodised finish. They have oversized bosses and a wide rim fitted with a narrow tyre. All of which helps to make them the best UW available on the market in my opinium. Besides which they look really nice.


I think i whant to buy one