Ladies and Gentlemen:

My newest ride.

I will post video tomorrow.

I have the crank holes set at 165mm


Can’t wait till tomorrow.



Wow! That’s a great design. What’s its origin? Did you buy it, make it, or have it made?

Inspires a thought for a contest at a future convention: The best designed ultimate wheel. Maybe a couple categories, 1) inovation and function, 2) best in show.

Would be fun.


Thats awsome. I cant wait to se you ride it. CRAZY!

Awesome, looking forward to seeing it ridden. Nice pedals too. :slight_smile: They are my favourite pedals (they are Oddyssey Twisted Pro’s aren’t they?) in terms of shape. If only they were stronger.


I am disappointed with those pedals, they started giving me a popping feeling on my left pedal after only a few uses. They were nice while they worked though, but I am very disappointed with them.

now only to convince my mom.

“but Brian has one.”

Many unsealed pedals require some TLC before they work smoothly. The pedals may come from the factory with very little grease and/or with the bearing cone too tight. I don’t know why they often come from the factory with so little grease. It sucks to have to regrease them when they’re practically new.

The fix is to put more grease in the bearings and/or adjust the bearing cone. It takes a little practice the first time you do it to get the cone tightened just right. But once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy. Take the pedal apart in a shoe box so you don’t loose any of the ball bearings. Once the pedals get some TLC they’ll be running great.

Unsealed pedals do require some maintenance to keep them running smoothly. If you ride them in wet, muddy, dusty, and/or sandy conditions you’ll have to do maintenance on them more often.

Yeah a lot of pedals in general are pretty inconsistent that way. I had absolutely no problems with mine until the axles bent. I guess most pedals require a little maintenance every now and then. They shouldn’t, but most seem to.


Sorry, John beat me to it. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing that it’s the rim from the Coker in this video: A LogBridge Too Far

  1. biggest :smiley:

Hi Bruce, I came up with the design and test piloted it, the club welder stuck it all together. The design was only, I started off thinking uneven cross pieces yielded a choice of 170mm and 160mm would be cool, but I didn’t want to always look at unused pedal holders, so they are all at 165mm from the centre.

I knew with the large, aging rim that I would want more points of contact, this turned out great, there is no flex. And the tubes are slightly smaller (and lighter) than the ones used in the red UW24.

I love them too, they came with my first muni almost 3 years ago, and are still good. I tapped some metal screws up from underneath to provide more grip, but they have such a huge platform, I find them to be ideal Coker pedals. I can’t recall whether I have regreased these or not.

It is the same rim, but I have done lots of riding on it since. The day finally came though, and my Airfoil rim is on it’s way.

I think I got this one! Has anyone seen a larger UW yet?

So, I have yet to take video, I will today after work. It’s rideable, and in my 20 mins or so of test piloting it, it seems to yield all the advantages over the UW24 just like their unicycle counterparts.

Once you get up to speed, you start UW’ing pretty damn quick! I think this is the machine that I will use in parades, etc…

Video in T - 12 hrs

What timing! Just yesterday I was looking for tips on riding UWs, and found this thread, from the day after Sofa first tried ultimate wheels and cokers. They grow up so fast sniffle

Congratulations on the new addition to your home. Let us know when you make it over the ‘log bridge too far’ log with the UUW (ultimate ultimate wheel).


Here’s the video

Points of interest:

These never made the video, but rest assured they will be in my next one:

freemounting the UW36 (one leg on the ground, no hands on the tire, then leg lift onto other pedal)

jumpmounting the UW36 ( let the wheel go and jump onto it and riding away…which I guess ‘technically’ makes it a suicide mount)

Future curb attempts will result in me staying on the UW36, that was my first attempt, and was extra cautious about hitting it with too much weight, but it doesn’t seem like that would be an issue.

Carrying this big ass thing is quite a chore, you can’t wheel it like a Coker

This will make for ineffecient but do-able transportation.

I am very happy with my chosen ‘crank’ length

This will be taken offroad without a second thought

Anyone have a Coker rim lying around? I highly recommend doing this. I’d do this before buying or making a 24" version, if I were to do it again.

Sigh, I guess the BC36 is next :frowning:

Nice vid. Next time try to get more of close up.


WOW!!! That’s really amazing. I have a Coker rim lying around but it’s going to be built into my first Coker this afternoon - with a Shimano XT brake, and a brake extender! And all in return for teaching somebody to idle and do muni and some other things (well the frame and rim anyway).

Just out of curiousity, how much are your legs rubbing on the tyre when you ride that thing?


The video that had the close up was the one with the mounts :frowning:

I must have ‘almost’ pressed ‘on’, on the camera :frowning:

(there are two shots, a tripod in the first, Mrs Sofa in the second. There should have been another tripod shot)

The tire rubs less on the legs…I think.

The 24" version is pretty angled by the time it gets to your leg.

the Coker is more upright when it hits your legs, so the tire is rubbing lightly-er.

I think it might actually make contact more easily, but nothing you really pay attention to. Not to mention…well, actually, I should specifically mention is that you now have your legs protected by shorts, you don’t need to armour up or wear pants (although, that is still good safety gear for this thing!)

Ps, Andrew…trust me…a Coker Uni gets priority over the UW!

Man the range of unicycles I would have if they were free. Everything’s just so expensive.