UW (Was - First day of School)

Wow, you’ve inspired me. That’s impressive, and it got me thinking. I hear a lot how UW can improve your unicycle abilities. I’ve kind of hit a plateau lately with the levels thing. I’m at about 7.5. I haven’t lost interest, but the remainder will tak
e some time. I got really into Muni/trials over the summer while in the country, but now that I’m back in the concrete jungle, I’m looking for new uni kicks.

I wonder if now’s the time for me to get a UW? On the one hand, it does seem damn tough (based on my sporadic and brief actual attempts on a loaner) but I’ve seen enough cases of people riding them that I know it’s entirely “possible.” A mile to school o
n an ultimate wheel is very cool.

Joe Merrill

It seems it could be a real good way to build up to seat drags.