UW vs BC Wheel

in all the UW and BC threads, i get the impression that the UW is easier to ride than the BC wheel. In my case, i felt that the BC wheel is easier to ride than the UW. does anyone else feel that way? or am i missing something about the UW?

I find a BC wheel much easier to ride that an Ultimate wheel. The thing that makes a BC hard to ride is the fear of jumping on the pegs. Once you have overcome this fear it is rather easy. Plus the BC wheel has so much potential for new and creative tricks. Tricks you would never be able to do on an ultimate wheel.


I guess I am not creative, since I cannot picture any.:frowning: Could you elaborate?
I am considering building myself a UW this winter.

Creative my have been the wrong word but I do think there are number of cool things that can be done with a BC wheel. Some tricks I have been working on are similar to freestyle moves. I think these tricks will look smoother on a BC wheel than on a unicycle. Most of them are variations on uni-spins.

I also think it should be possible to do a number of tricks that flatland bike riders do on their front wheel. For example I think that cross footed riding (right foot on left peg and left foot on right peg), and body varials (ride forwards, jump off the wheel, 180 above the wheel, land back on pegs, continue riding backwards) should be possible on a BC wheel.

There is also stair gaps, jumping over obstacles - general street riding. I don’t think anybody has really tried to push BC wheeling to it limits so I see there being a lot potential things you can do on it. I’m certainly not suggesting that any of this would be easy. It would need a lot of experimentation and practice.


well on mine, i cut off cranks from an old bike and installed those onto the axle of my wheel off my old bike. So I stand on pedals that are a few inched below the center.

Does it make it harder to ride the BC if whatever you stand on is at the axle, or a few inches below it?

Nice when i went back for thanksgiving break i could ride my UW much better (i didnt bring it with me to college) so now the difficulty level of both are pretty even