UW desired

I am in the market for an ultimate wheel but can’t locate on at either
Unicycle.com OR at eBay.

Anyone know where I can get a GOOD uw?


David Stone

Co-founder, Unatics of NY 1st Sunday / 3rd Saturday
2:30 @ Central Park Bandshell

>Anyone know where I can get a GOOD uw?

Tommy Miller—The Unicycle Factory–is your guy. He’s made them for
years. He can sell you a kit or can make a custom model that shines.

He’s in Kokomo, Indiana–765-452-2692

David Maxfield Bainbridge Island, WA

> Anyone know where I can get a GOOD uw?

Same place Unicycle.com got theirs before they sold out, the Unicycle
Factory. As far as I know Tommy Miller is still there, and can still make
unicycles. The question has always been “when” can he make them? But many
things may be already built or partially built. Give him a call at (765)
452-2692. My recommendation is try to get a firm completion date from him
if possible.

Tom knows more about custom unicycles than any other builder out
there. Almost all the unicycles I perform on were either built or
modified by him.

Stay on top, John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone jfoss@unicycling.com

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